What to make for your Child’s Birthday?

If you are one of those moms (or super dads) who like to cook everything for the birthday celebrations of their child, then this is one article you need to read. This is coming from someone who has been making everything for their children (4 of them) on many separate occasions. So I have all the experience in the world.

I know where things go wrong, so I will tell you how to plan efficiently, then how you can execute and some evergreen dishes that will leave everyone licking their fingers.

Birthday Party

So let us first about the planning. If you are having a small gathering of close friends (which is highly recommended), then you don’t need to cook more than 4-5 dishes. Mostly we recommend you to go for birthday themed dishes like cakes, waffles and for savory you can go for dishes like pasta or chicken pie.

Anyway here is what you need to do first. Ask your friends who will be coming to the party if they are allergic to something or not, mostly try avoiding peanuts. Then based on the information you can zero down to the dishes you need to cook.

Oh yes, there is one that I forgot. The cake flavor totally depends on your child, if he likes chocolate go for that if he likes hazelnut or vanilla go for that. Your child will be the star, and the cake should resonate with what he likes.

Next step related to planning is getting the ingredients. Here is the exact process I follow so that I don’t forget anything: –

Write down all the dishes.

  • Go to your favorite recipe site, or google to jot down all the ingredients you need for a particular dish. Even if you are sure about it, just note down all the ingredients. Remember it is a for a special day and you can’t mess anything up.
  • For desserts, you can get the ingredients, a week before the special day also. Just make sure you cross everything down.
  • For main course dishes, you can get vegetables or meat two days before the birthday. Fresh vegetables taste better.

Now the primary task is execution. This is where you are most likely to mess up, but meticulous planning can save you sweat.

If you are cooking any meat related dishes, it is recommended that you marinate the chicken or pork overnight. Add a tinge of lemon too. (Every time ;))

Next, if you’ll be making pasta, get most of the work down at night. Because on the day of the birthday, you will be occupied with a lot of other things too.

Also, for the initial few years, I had a lot of appliances, a separate hand mixer, a waffle iron and even a pasta maker. Handing too many appliances can get exhausting and increases the chances of messing it up.

Now I use the best stand mixer with attachment, the Kitchen Aid Professional 600, which has attachments like pasta maker and waffle iron, it simplifies the process and also gives you the much-needed kitchen real estate.

Also, if you are doing this for the first time, it is advised if you get some help. A second hand relieves some pressure and will also ease your workload. Go for a friend who has already done this. You can even ask your spouse if he/she is not busy handling other tasks.

So overall, these are the top tips you can follow. Again you are free to make some changes according to your needs. There is no copy-paste method which will work for everyone. However, if you enjoy the process you will not only make stunning dishes, but the whole experience will be memorable for you. And trust me when you see your child smiling, you would want to do this again and again.

How to plan your Babies First Birthday party?

So your little one knows 1-year-old, and you want to throw the craziest party in town. No, we are not talking alcohol, how dare you even think that? But a lot of parents make mistakes while planning birthday parties, especially if they have to do that for their first child.

In this article, we will give all the tips you need to plan a grand birthday party for your little one.

We will also share certain themes which are known to add fun & frolic to the birthday parties.


Here are few tips that you should follow to avoid problems: –

  • Small Birthday Party – The attention span of a 1-year-old is very less, and the child gets tired very quickly too. So you would be better off if you plan a small birthday part, that doesn’t last for more than 90 minutes. Secondly, those 90 minutes should not interfere with the baby’s nap time.
  • Don’t Invite Everyone – We understand that it is the first birthday of your newborn, and you want to go all out by calling everyone. But we don’t advise you to do this since babies don’t like a crowd. Invite only your close friends and family, and cherish the moment with people you ‘actually’ care for.
  • Seek Help – If you are planning a lot of activities, you can always get a babysitter to look after your baby while you are busy making preparations for the party.
  • Balloons, Yes Please – You are never too old to play with balloons, and babies love playing with them. But we highly recommend you to avoid getting latex ones. You can instead shop for Mylar balloons.
  • Baby Proof the area – Now when the guests start coming in your attention will be diverted. So you need to take precaution and baby proof a small area. You can fill it with toys that your infant likes and also keep chairs around, where you can sit & chat and also keep an eye on your baby.
  • Ask Guests what they want to eat. – You should ask the guests as to what the want to eat. Take note of any allergies and go for items that everyone enjoys. The shorter the guest list, the shorter will be the hassle.

Now here are few themes or ideas which can use to plan the perfect birthday party –

If you have a baby girl, you can plan something sweet & frilly. The Color theme should be light and nothing too extravagant. Regarding food, you can go for an ‘All Dessert theme. Buy a lot of stuffed toys for the baby the play with.

If you have a baby boy, then you can go all flashy. Go for a vibrant theme and include decorations of action figures. If your child has already developed a taste for sport, you can keep items related to that. But don’t keep anything sharp insight.

Finally, you can mix things up; you are allowed to that. The above two points conveyed what most people like to do. If you have a vibrant theme for a girl, don’t hesitate to do so. You can shop for supplies, and look for further ideas on partycity.com.

If you have any interesting ideas, do share with us and the world in the comment section below. You can also share this page with parents who are planning a birthday party for their child.

What are Smash Cakes and Why you should Buy One?

Smash cakes are the latest façade in America. Your child’s 1st birthday is an achievement in itself, for both the child and the parents. So you are bound to celebrate. But generally, these affairs tend to be boring, and especially for your little one (or as we like to call him, the guest of honor).

Now there is one thing that you all can do spice up the party, and that is by ordering a smash cake. Let’s dive into all about that.

What is a Smash Cake?

Smash cake are primarily small or miniature cakes, which your child can literally ‘smash’. Here is a photo of one.

What is a smash Cake?

Your child can smash it, lick it, throw it, put it all over his or her body or even put his face on the cake. So the parties which usually turn out to be boring for your little one will be filled with fun and excitement.

There are many places where you can buy smash cakes, and you can theme the birthday parties and go for the cake that fits in that theme.

Still not convinced? Here are seven reasons why smash cakes are a perfect idea –

  1. Only one chance

 There is not every day when your child turns 1-year-old right? But there is one other reason too. This will be the only time when your child will eat like a slob and everyone around him will cheer. And this will never happen again, so don’t deprive your child of this opportunity.

  1. Those Candid Photos

 Baby photos are always unique, but the one’s where he or she is immersed in the cake, and capturing the photos where he is doing all sorts of crazy things. You spend all this time in buying the perfect ‘birthday suit’, but you miss on such awesome candid shots, which you can look after years and laugh your heart out. Just keep your camera ready.

  1. Two cakes for you

 You can leave your cake to eat the healthy smash cake, and you can enjoy the other ‘grown-up’ cake. But there is a twist. Your child is more likely to spread the cake all over his or her body. So you can feast on that by licking those pieces all over his body. Fun right?

  1. Your Baby Gets a scrub 

Now some of you may cringe on that last point but here is something for all of you. We all love to have a full body scrub; rather we crave for it. Well, when you will be licking your baby, that is equivalent to ‘full-body scrub’ for your baby. And his ticklish body will make it more enjoyable.

  1. Entertainment for your Guests

Many of 1st birthday themes include calling a magician or a performer which are there to entertain the guests. But when your child is going all ‘Donald Trump’ on that cake, he will be the ‘star’ of the event. No matter how old you are, watching your little fun full of laughter will give some priceless moments for everyone.

So I believe, you are now looking forward to buying your smash cake and making your child’s first birthday party into a full-on the joyful event for everyone.

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