Saturday Kick-Off

We’re kicking off our first post with our passion, love, and excitement for our Smash Cake business, and we want to truly be of help to you in getting you the perfect photos, themes, and experience for you and your baby. We want your child to be able to look back twenty years from now with a slight hint of embarrassment and amusement as they see themselves covered in delicious, warm cake!

The smash cake trend, as seen on Today, is spreading like wildfire, but why?

Maybe it has to do with the moment that your baby falls into that cake.

Or, perhaps, it can be your baby’s first smile cake as they plunge into the delicious icing and warmth of the chocolate fluff that they delve into

But, what if it’s the sheer joy and excitement that’s radiated through from your baby as they have the time of their lives?

I mean, just take a look below at Sully enjoying his cake below:

  1. Fun ideas for your baby’s 1st, or 2nd birthday.
  2. Case examples of those ideas coming to life (our favorite).
  3. The people who have helped Shop Smash Cake become what it is

I want to clarify our third point, because of it’s a little bit more different than most other brands.

You see, everything from the cake mixes, our bakers, our photographers, and the people that help keep our venue running effectively and at maximum capacity must be named. isn’t a one-man job, it’s a team of many people that come together and collaborate to create an impact in the life of one family at a time. Though we can also impact Houston, Texas, and the United States as a whole.

We strongly believe in the ripple effect and we know that the work, the recognition, and the memories that we create today will transcend a lifetime and help impact more people for time to come.

With that being said, we’ll see you on the next one.

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Cleo Rabence