We Cleaned Up!

Running a bakery business, specifically for smashing cakes, can be a lot of fun! The only downside to it is that we do have a lot of cleaning to do, both inside the store and outside the store. This means that we have to take care of our equipment, and at the same time make sure that the shop looks pristine when our guests come in. One thing that I noticed when I came into my shop today though is that our sidewalk and area of the parking lot was a bit messy.

Luckily, our friend Andrew runs a cool business by the name of ViperTech Mobile, and well let us say that he took care of our problem outside. Now, I’m a little biased, and the reason I chose Andrew is because I’ve been knowing him for a long time and, apart from verifying that the work he does is good, I’ve taken into account the fact that he is to be trusted.

I remember cleaning out the ovens earlier in the day, and making sure that the rest of our baking area had the right amount of cleansing, and I hit my head on the wall It was PAINFUL, but at the same time I could help but to laugh because at any time of the day accidents can happen. I remember in the beginning of my interests in the bakery I would fail miserably in creating the perfect cake, and it would always end me leaving with a feeling of more to be desired.

Beautiful Creations Cake

However, the more I worked on my craft, the more careful I became in my cleaning process the fewer accidents I got into, and the better my cakes came out. I got to the point where my family would constantly ask me for my cakes, and it came to the point where I just knew that I could make a living giving others exactly what they wanted.

Having grown up with Andrew I can verify that the same hiccups, the same hurdles, and the same roadblocks we had to overcome in business have finally been melted away by our desire to become great at what we do, and even setting a brand new standard in the work we represent.

I look forward to showing you more of what we can do at Shop Smash Cake and the beautiful creations cake will be delivering to our clients, so please stay tuned for that. If you haven’t followed me on Twitter yet I suggest that you do so by clicking on the right side of this page to go to my Twitter feed. In there I’ll constantly keep you updated on recent events, and it’s much quicker than coming to the blog, and hey! You can also tweet me any questions you have regarding your first Smash Cake experience.  and we’ll work on answering them for you.

Beautiful Creations Cake

In your service,
Cleo Rabence

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